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Saturday 22 February 2014

Did The Prisoner Actually Resign?

      There is only one proper and correct way to resign, and that it do so in a letter. For all the Prisoner's ranting and raving he might just as well have kept his mouth shut that day he stormed into that office. But no doubt the thought that shouting and ranting at the man sat behind that desk would relieve the feelings. But at least the Prisoner had written a letter of resignation, placed it in an envelope marked "personal - by hand," which he slammed on the desk before he stormed out of the office.
   In the above picture there is a word in red RESIGN . Michael didn't rant and rave at anyone, he didn't write a letter of resignation, he simply sprayed the one word on the window of his office RESIGN, but at least he wrote something, even if it was simply one word, before he walked out. And yet it was just the one word, resign. He didn't write in spray paint "I resign" just "Resign," which isn't so much a statement as in "I resign because.....," but more in the way of a suggestion or instruction I would have thought, as in "why don't you resign?" So even with this one written word spray painted on the window of his office, it would not be accepted as a man having resigned from his job!

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