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Thursday 13 February 2014

The Prisoner - No.6

    When it comes down to it 'the Prisoner' is nothing more than a series of tests, some like 'The Chimes of Big Ben' designed to get No.6 to give away the reason behind his resignation. Others to break him physically, mentally, or simply to break his spirit as in both 'Many Happy Returns' and 'Dance of the Dead.' But all designed to test the Prisoner-No.6, to see if he has both the physical and mental attributes good enough to make him No.1. But then that could also be said when the former No.6 was given the opportunity to meet No.1. They faced the former No.6 with himself! What did thy expect to get out of this? Afterall they had faced No.6 with himself before and we all know what happened then. Perhaps facing the former No.6 with himself, the darker side of his nature, to reveal that the Prisoner-No.6 had been responsible for the Village all the time, would finally break his spirit. And if not, well who better to be No.1?

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