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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Number Six - A Confidential Agent!

   For the first time No.6 finds an ally in the Village, in the guise of No.12 of Administration. No.12 has radical ideas about the Professor, he thinks they’re going the wrong way about it with the Professor “We indulge his idiocies far too much, he’s a crank, and should be treated as such. I know he’s the corner stone of Speedlearn, but I can’t help but feel he’s a troublemaker, and he attracts troublemakers.” No.2 tells No.12 that his opinions about the Professor should be carefully guarded. Well that’s out of the window if any of the Observers are watching and listening, if not No.1 himself!
   So who does No.12 trust, well he trusts himself, and having confided in No.6 it turns out that No.6 can trust No.12. Two men who work together in order to see the Professor’s final lecture is transmitted, and they came close, but not close enough. No.2 knows where No.6 attained his two security pass discs, seeing as they are only issued through Administration, and No.12 is an official in Administration. That also goes for the Top Hat officials uniform No.6 was issued with.
   No.2 is suspicious, but he needs his suspicions confirming, and that he hopes to do with help from the General. Yet No.6 is loyal to his confederate, and steps in with a question for the General in order to try and deflect No.2’s suspicions away from No.12. A question which is insoluble for man or machine apparently, and demonstrates No.6 ability to think quickly on his feet. WHY? is the question, which causes the General to blow a short circuit and go into complete self destruction. The Professor attempts to switch the General off, but it’s all in vain. No.12 sees the Professor is in trouble, and attempts to save the Professor’s life……or does he? Could No.12 not be committing suicide? The game was up for No.12, he was a conspirator with No.6 who together attempted an act of sabotage to the Speedlearn experiment, and because of that No.12’s days in Administration were numbered. Suicide was No.12’s “way out,” seeing as he no longer had a future in the Village.

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