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Tuesday 25 February 2014


    In the episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ neither the Colonel-No.6, nor Professor Seltzman must be taken by the man Potter! Is this a different Potter to that in ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ or another Potter, or the same Potter but played by a different actor? Whichever it is, soon after Potter enters the barbers shop a fight breaks out between Potter and the Colonel-No.6 in the basement. Then while the fight is taking place, the tall, gaunt figure of the undertaker, in the guise of a chauffeur, uses his nerve gas gun to paralyse the two men fighting in the basement, and presumably he has done the same to Professor Seltzman up in his Barbers shop.
    The question here is, was Potter also brought to the Village along with Seltzman and the Colonel-No.6. Or was he left behind in the basement of the Barber’s shop? If not taken to the Village, then Potter would have gone back to his car in the street and radioed in to Sir Charles Portland, after which he would probably have been ordered to return to London. I should think that Potter's written report would make interesting reading, especially for Sir Charles Portland. And then there would be no mystery about that the man he saw as being his future son-in-law, the fact that he had been working against Potter must now mean he's working for the other side....whichever side that may be!

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