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Friday 21 February 2014

Information And Observation

    ‘Checkmate’ sees No.6 all at sea once again, two rubber lilos roped together upon which No.6 sets out to sea in order to bring in the ship that had picked up his mayday call. Once he's been picked up and after a chat with No.2 through a television set, regarding a slight misunderstanding on the Rooks part. No.6 picks up a glass ashtray and hurls it at the television screen and smashing it. There's a bang and broken glass, with a whiff of smoke, but no sign of a tube inside the television! Had there been there would have been a louder bang and shattered glass would be everywhere, and might have resulted in a scarred, if not blinded No.6.
    Earlier in ‘Checkmate’ the searchlight crew in the Bell Tower were attacked. One of the crew was punched and fell out of the tower into the water below. Anyone who has been to the village will know that there is no water anywhere near the bell Tower!
   After the game of chess the chess champion-No.14 says to No.6 "You play a fine game sir." This cannot possibly refer to the chess match itself as No.6 only made one move P-QP4, so the chess champion-No.14 must have been referring to his attitude towards the village itself and the way in which he plays that game. After all it seems that only No.14 and No.6 can move as the village guardian passes-by, by demonstrating their defiance, when everyone else it "still."
    During ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ No.6 heliographs a message from the beach, to do this he employs a very ornate looking glass more befitting a woman than No.6. I cannot believe it is his hand mirror.
    Lotus cars feature largely in the Prisoner, the Lotus 7, Lotus Cortina and the Lotus Elan which is an Avengers connection, being Mrs. Peel's Lotus Elan.
   In ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ the Prisoner's mind now housed in the body of the Colonel, discovers that his handwriting is still the same. But to use it would mean the possibility of being caught for forgery! So did the fact mean that his handwriting is the same, so too must be the way he kisses, in giving Janet his own personal message. Interesting don't you think?
    In The General why the periscope in the projection room? Obviously to be able to see something others cannot! And the wheelchair for the child-No.6 in Once Upon A Time perhaps representing a child’s pushchair, pushed by the Butler, and not No.2 who purports to be his father in the embryo room.
    People must enter the village, or at least the underground complex along the escape tunnel seen in Fall Out, through the cavern and the door marked WELL COME and along the tunnel with the juke boxes.
    The butler must be a student of chess, not only does he stand upon the stone bandstand following the moves of the human chess match upon his own board. But later as No.6 and the Rook-No.53 sit watching another human chess match, the Butler stands upon the bandstand following that match as well! And don't forget it is the Butler who returns the white Queens pawn back on the chessboard at the end. This action had some believing that the Butler was in fact No.1.
    Engadine's celebrated parties in Paris look to be the very place to meet with agents on either side, to buy and sell as 'A' thought his old friend and colleague had something to sell. Certainly there were all types at the party, intrigue and mystery must have filled the air. There were at least two who were on the other side, one having 'gone over' which was 'A' and 'B' who the Prisoner seemed to know much of her private life, certainly more that the village could dig up on her background. Seeing as how they didn't know 'B' even had a son, let alone 'B's' sons name. So perhaps the Village's administration is fallible after all. Well they didn't know where No.73's husband was did they. No.73 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’

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