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Saturday 15 February 2014

Going The Way Of Chambers!

    We don't know whether or not Chambers, late of the Foreign Office. was going to defect or resign. But whichever one it was ZM73, for want of a better name, was going to meet Chambers to try and make him change is mind before the "big boys" found out. But then what happened? ZM73 resigned his job, oh perhaps not straight away, but sometime after and we know what happened then. So is it possible that in ZM73 resigning, it was a put up job, about to attempt to follow in Chambers footsteps, but to what purpose? To discover where everyone was disappearing to! There was No.2, a member of the establishment who held a position in the House of Lords. Cobb, who disappeared from a hotel in Germany, and Roland Walter Dutton, as well as Chambers of course, and I suspect there have been many, many others, who were either abducted, recruited, or went of their own free will, such as the Colonel, Fotheringay, the Professor and Madam Professor, Professor Jacob wouldn't surprise me if it was the Village' Administration that was responsible for the "brain drain" of the 1950's and 60's! And in all this it might have been ZM73's task to at least find out what happened to Chambers. And in that he would resign his job, and allow whatever it was to happen.......happen!
   Of course this does not take into account the fact that ZM73 was himself under close surveillance, the camera behind the mirror in his own home for one. But perhaps that was a security precaution, just in case they came for ZM73 before he was ready. In that case ZM73'S superiors would have his abduction on film!

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