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Saturday 15 February 2014

It's A Curious Thing!

   When watching ‘the Prisoner’ for the first time, the viewer has much in common with the Prisoner. We, like him want to know where the Village is. Why he was brought there. Which side runs the Village. What the Village Guardian is. Who are the Prisoners and who the warders, and how many of each? Like the Prisoner was want to know who No.1 is. And yet it can also be said that the viewer also has something in common with No.2, we both want to know why the Prisoner-No.6 resigned. And more than that, we are just as keen as No.2 to discover the reason behind that resignation.
   For myself my sympathies have always been with the Prisoner-No.6. Never did I think that I would have anything in common with No.2. Mind you I’ve met with one or two who would like to be in No.2’s shoes. More than that, have had the desire to be No.1, but who never achieved that desire. Perhaps they lack the proper qualities to become No.1!

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