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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Questions - Questions - Questions

You don't really expect answers do you?
    It has been asked, in the past how it was that the Undertakes, whilst at the front door of No.1 Buckingham Place, was able to pump a stream of gas though the keyhole of the front door, along the corridor, and through the keyhole of the study door? “Well quite obviously it didn’t happen like that, simply put the Undertakers had a key to the front door and let themselves into the house carrying a coffin between them. Then using a gas gun pumped nerve gas directly into the study through the keyhole of the door!”
    In ‘The General’ why did it self-destruct the way it did? When asked WHY? Couldn't the computer simply ask for more data, or even reply WHY NOT? "Well it wouldn't would it, or the General would just sit there and not do anything. The matter of the General’s self-destruction was simply for an action sequence. Causing the death of the Professor, and aiding the possible suicide of No.12 who could see that his future in the Village would be as a prisoner!”
    In ‘Many Happy Returns’ would not No.6 have been more likely to have given up the reason behind his resignation more easily if threatened to send him back to the village without actually doing so? "I don't know, would he?"
    In ‘Dance of the Dead’ what was it No.6 expected Roland Walter Dutton to say? "Well obviously the things that No.6 thought needed to be said!"
    Would it not have been wiser for the Rook in ‘Checkmate’ to have confided his doubts about No,.6 to one of his fellow conspirators, rather than No.2? "Well I suppose it all depends on who the Rook thought he could trust. Better the devil you know and all that!"
   Why didn't No.6 take advantage and escape at the end of Its Your Funeral? "It was a question of trust! Trusting in someone who would have acted enough against No.2 as he had done."
    In ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My darling’ is seems to me that the village didn't need Seltzman at all! "That's right!"
   Had No.6 met previously with Sonia in the Village? "Of course he had. Sonia was No.2's assisstant-No.22."

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