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Thursday 27 February 2014

The Prisoner Betrayed!

    At the moment No.6 is all at sea somewhere, all along aboard his sea-going raft, in the Atlantic ocean as he tries desperately to get home. But I cannot help but wonder if No.6, having actually made it back home to London, would have been quite so keen as to go running back to his ex-colleagues in ‘Many Happy Returns?’ What I mean is, it might not have been the Colonel and Thorpe No.6 encountered in that country home. But instead it might have been the Colonel and Fotheringay as in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ you will recall how No.6 had been betrayed by them. After all why be so keen to go running back to the people who had betrayed you? I have sometimes wondered how No.6 knew that it wouldn't be the former but rather the latter, who he would encounter in ‘Many Happy Returns?’ If it had been the former, then at least the Colonel and Fotheringay wouldn’t have taken any convincing about his report of the Village, because they’ve been there! The result being? Well I suspect it would have been very much the same, the Prisoner arriving back in the Village, one way or another!

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