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Friday 14 February 2014

Whose That No.6 Speaking to?

    "I didn't know you came to these parties?"
    "I have been many times, you just have not noticed me before."
    "You are a friend of Engadine?"
    "She invited me, yes."
    "But you're not a friend of hers?"
    "Engadine has been of service to me..... in more difficult times. You know who I am of course?"
    "No, who are you?"
    "I am the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolayevna Romanova."
    "You'll forgive me if I appear to be somewhat sceptical. But wasn't the Grand Duchess Anastasia executed, along with other members of her family, by the forces of the Bolshevik secret police on July seventeenth nineteen-eighteen?"
    "That was a terrible day. But I managed to escape, and so I stand before you now."
    "You were born, if memory serves me, on June 18th 1901, which today would make you......"
    "Sixty-six years of age Mr......"
   "Old friends don't need names."
    "Engadine told me that you are a man of honour, who would be able to help me."
    "Help you?"
    "Help me establish my true identity."
    "I'm not sure that I can. You see I'm having a little problem of my own at present. There's someone here who would like to see me on the other side....."
    "In my old country, behind the Iron Curtain. You see I am not backward in modern affairs. And perhaps I can be of service to you in this little matter."
   The Doctor-No.14: "Is she really the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolayevna Romanova?"
    No.2: "That is who she claims to be."
    The doctor: "What is she doing in his dream?"
    No.2: "He tried to help her establish her identity. But they couldn't allow that now could they........"
    The doctor: "You mean she really is who she claims to be, the Grand Duchess Anastasia."
    No.2: "If this proves to be a success I'll introduce you to her."
    The doctor "You mean you had her brought to the village, she's here?"
    No.2: "They did. Now, back to business. Time to introduce 'B'.

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