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Wednesday 19 February 2014

It’s the Journey That Matter – Not The Destination

   Why should No.2 of ‘A B and C’ assume that the Prisoner was going off to Paris in order to attend one of Madam Engadine’s celebrated parties, after having only just resigned his job, and in such a hurry as he was to get away, before "they" came for him. The Prisoner was certainly going somewhere, taking his passport and airline ticket which we see the Prisoner collect in the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner.’ So No.2 actually got that right, but I’m sure that Paris France was not the Prisoner’s ultimate destination, somewhere hot and tropical, judging by the pictures in the travel brochures he packs into one of his suitcases. I suspect that going to Paris the Prisoner was using that as a landing stage, and that although he may have gone to one of Madame Engadine’s parties, the Prisoner would have ultimately gone on to somewhere else from there. And yet…..having attended one of Madame Engadine’s parties, the Prisoner seems to be amongst so many friends, at least people he knows, ‘A’ being amongst them! As it turns out for the Prisoner, going to Paris was like jumping out of the frying pan, having resigned his job, and into the fire, almost abducted by ‘A’. Mind you, in the conversation with Engadine the Prisoner did tell her he was starting a holiday, though vague as to where he was going "Somewhere different, somewhere quiet," Portmeirion perhaps!

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