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Friday 14 February 2014

Thought For The Day

   In ‘A B and C’ No.6 thought he was being clever when he poured that nightcap of a cup of hot chocolate away into the sink, then filling a glass from the cold water tap to drink instead.
  We know, as does No.6 that the cup of hot chocolate was drugged, but then taking a sip of water from the glass and then falling on the floor unconscious, I have often wondered whether the tap water was also drugged, or if No.6 was feigning unconsciousness?  I’m sure that the doctor No.14 would soon have realised that No.6 was not unconscious from the drug once she had him on the operating table, although she might not have revealed as much to No.2, her loyalty being somewhat doubtful. But I am getting away from the point in hand. What if No.6 wasn’t being as clever as he thought he had been by pouring away the drugged cup of hot chocolate, and taking a glass of water from the cold tap to drink instead?
   I always thought that when the maid came to make No.6’s nightcap, that she herself physically put a drug into the cup of hot chocolate from a glass amphoral. But what if the drug was already in the tap water when the maid filled the kettle for the hot water to make the hot chocolate? The drug would not be constantly in the water supply, but at certain times would be administered into the water supply when needed, such as at night time. Also the dose of the drug could be managed, for example to keep the citizens heavily sedated on the day No.6 woke up to find the Village deserted, and all the time it took No.6 to construct his sea-going raft until he actually set sail. And the same would apply during the day of the Prisoner’s ‘Many Happy Returns’ to the Village so to keep the citizens drugged, and so maintain the illusion that the Village was deserted.
   So in ‘A B and C’ it didn’t matter that No.6 poured his hot chocolate away, to drink a glass of water instead, because the result is exactly the same, as we see! Mind you it was an extremely powerful drug, No.6 only took a sip of the drugged tap water, and seconds later he lay unconscious on the floor!

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