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Thursday 20 February 2014

No.6 - Defeated By His Own Predictability!

   It was quite obvious to No.2 and the Village Administration, during the electoral period of ‘Free For All,’ exactly what No.6 would do if elected to the lofty position of No.2 Chairman of the Village- to control an organised breakout! This was made known as early in the election when No.6 was forced to undertake "the test!" The Labour Exchange Manager was certainly ahead of No.6's game.
    "Why did you wish to run for electoral office?...... Come, come, you thought that if you won, took over our Village, that you would be able to control an organised breakout." And this was perfectly correct, but of course No.6 had not allowed for the fact that No.58 was in fact the new No.2. Well how could No.6 possibly allow for such an eventuality? He's predictable you see, this No.6, and it was his own predictability that let him down. And that’s perhaps the point. How can No.6 expect to win, when the enemy knows his every next move?

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