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Sunday 9 February 2014

Thought For The Day

    The original series of ‘the Prisoner’ has been reinvented, it is a  revisualisation, a reinterpretation, and at times liberties have been taken. But one thing this series is, it is not a remake. But even so, the very core of ‘the original Prisoner’ series is present in THEPRIS6NER. They said that the time when the new Doctor Who series appeared on our television screens here in Great Britain, that the new doctor Who is clearly the old Doctor Who, and so it is with THEPRIS6NER. After all a man is taken out of his known environment by abduction, and wakes up not knowing where he is, or who brought him there. Why has he been abducted? What do they want with him in The Village? Where is The Village? Why did he resign? Who is Two? And who runs The Village? And what is Rover? It may be a reinterpretation of the original series, but the core of ‘the prisoner’ remains, as do the key questions remain the same.
    I have a feeling, as a friend once wrote to me saying, that perhaps the tide of people’s antipathy towards THEPRIS6NER is turning. I am hearing from die-hard fans of ‘the Prisoner’ who are deciding to give THEPRIS6NER-09 series a second chance. That I find gratifying, as it is as I originally said, that it takes two screenings of THEPRIS6NER to appreciate it, to see the value in the series. Only last Friday did I receive a letter from a reader who has read my articles on the 2009 series, saying that they are an education, and that the writer fully intends to buy THEPRIS6NER box set and give the series a second chance. This from a gentleman, a die-hard fan of the original series, who originally went against the 2009 series simply on the grounds that it wasn’t filmed in Portmeirion, and that he thought it was simply a remake. He did watch THEPRIS6NER when it received it’s premier here in Great Britain,’ but said he didn’t like it. But now he’s going to give it a second chance, now he can see it isn't a remake.
   I have found that what the majority of fans of the original series of ‘the Prisoner’ forget is, that the original series was not universally liked here in Great Britain at the time, and the feeling was even worse in regard to ‘the Prisoner’ in America. And that it took some ten years before the series began to receive appreciation for what it is, by people who were finally becoming fans. Well 2014 sees the 5th anniversary of THEPRIS6NER, and it might be that one day this series will, like it’s predecessor, achieve cult status.

Breathe in….breathe out….more Village.
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