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Sunday 23 February 2014

It Goes Against The Grain

       In the episode ‘Once Upon A Time,’ No.6 could not bring himself to kill his opponent No.2, who said that No.6 was afraid to kill because he was afraid to step over the threshold. At the beginning of ‘Living In Harmony,’ No.6 as a Sheriff, he hands in both his badge and gun, perhaps because he’s become sick of killing, tired of putting his life on the line every time a gunslinger comes into town looking to make a reputation for himself. Or when a gang come to town to rob the bank. As Sheriff of Harmony he refuses to wear a gun, against the coercion put against him by the Judge, the Judges men, and the towns people. Yet the Prisoner is capable of killing, he kills the Kid the Judges "boys," and the Judge in three gunfights all in the one day. It was the murder of Cathy which made the Prisoner kill, and we would all do it, kill that is, no matter how much you might deplore the use of violence. We are all capable of killing, all that is required is something to kill for! And as it turns out, the Prisoner is no different to anybody else.


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