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Monday, 30 April 2018

A Favourite Scene In Chimes of Big Ben

   Number 6 has discovered that it’s all been a set up, right from the moment he met with Number 8 back in The Village. Oh but of course they are in The Village, they hardly left it really! Anyway, Number 6 leaves the office he thought he knew very well in London, but he’s been in The Village all the time during that 12 hour journey. And there they are, apparently conspiring with each other, Fotheringay and Number 2.
    “Well done Fotheringay. Well you’d better get back to
London before any embarrassing questions are asked.”
    “What’s my next assignment?”
    “The Colonel will give you your orders when he returns.”
    He’s keen that Fotheringay asking about his next assignment. Well done Fotheringay. He was only there to help dress the scene, had he not been there Number 6 may well have smelt a rat! As it is he felt nothing at having betrayed an ex-colleague, but at least Number 6 now knows where he stands. He’s all alone and can no longer trust anyone, in The Village or otherwise. As for the Colonel, did he actually return to
London? After all by the time of ‘Many Happy Returns’ there’s a new Colonel been installed, and Fotheringay has gone, replaced by Thorpe. Perhaps Fotheringay didn’t get back to London soon enough to stop those embarrassing questions from being asked!

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