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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Bureau of Visual Records

   This Mini-Moke was obviously meant for Number 6 to use in his escape from The Village. True he wasn’t able to escape in the vehicle, the only track out of The Village leading to the mountains. However without it Number 6 wouldn’t have been able to haul the tree trunks he cut down in the woods down to the quayside. Also, was the General Stores left open for him, or did he have to break in? And those 964 work units, was Number 6 made to pay that I.O.U he wrote on the counter on his return?
    And what about the damage to that off-side mud guard? Looks like it’s had an accident and the repair crudely carried out! It’s reported that
HLT709C had been in an accident on the way to Portmeirion, is this Mini-Moke HLT709C? If it isn’t it means another Moke had a nasty accident!

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