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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Fall Out

    So Number 6 turned out to be Number 1 all the time, his other self who he was trying to beat, while his other self was doing his best to break Number 6! We all have that other self in us, sometimes he manifests himself, while sometimes we change places. But physically the two can never physically meet, it’s impossible, but sometimes you might catch a glimpse of your other self in the mirror as he or she stares back at you. That’s what happened to Jeremy Dilke, a meek, mild-mannered businessman who allows everyone to use him for a doormat. It’s while he’s admiring himself in his full-length mirror Dilke is confronted by his brusque, assertive alter ego, who declares “I am the man you have always longed to be.” Then the man in the mirror begins to live the wild life that Dilke had always dreamed of. And so armed with his new found confidence, Dilke becomes a go-getting dynamo much to the delight of heroine Helen who knew he had it in him all along. ‘The Man In The Mirror’ is a 1936 British comedy. How does the film end? I don’t know, I haven’t watched it on ‘Talking Pictures’ the television channel yet!

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