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Sunday, 22 April 2018


    It may not be wondered what it was that saw the need for Number 2 to be replaced, other than having Number 6 to deal with a new Number 2, which effectively placed him back at square one. Like in the game Snakes and Ladders, he’s doing pretty well, but landing on a snake’s head sends him sliding down, sometimes all the way back to square one, so that he has to start all over again!
    “Get him.”
    “I have taken his place, I am the new Number Two.”
    “Get Number One.”
    “As far as you are concerned I’m in charge.”
    Well that’s right, after all Number 2 is Chairman of The Village, Chief Administrator. So really that’s why no-one but Number 6 persists with the question who is Number One, while to others Number 2 is in charge. It really doesn’t matter who Number One is, he’s not overseeing the day to day running of The Village.
    But I suppose the first Number 2 did fail when he sent the maid to play on Number 6’s sympathies in order to extract some kind of information from him. But Number 6 didn’t show the young woman any sympathy, only the door!

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