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Friday, 20 April 2018

Thought For The Day

    Number 6 is a prisoner of his past, of what he once was, and no longer wishes to be. He resigned, and yet his past remains with him, it’s why he’s in The Village. Why when he escapes, or thinks he’s escaped, he goes running back to his ex-colleagues because he considers them to be the only people who can help him!
    It must have taken a great deal of thought, and courage to resign from a job he was so good at. Such was his ability, and loyalty to the job. He may well have anguished over the decision he was about to make for a long time. He was about to throw away his life, what he was, deciding it’s not what he wanted to be any longer. But what of his immediate future, a holiday, to go somewhere different, somewhere quiet where he can think? What future can an ex-Secret Agent have? He could sell out, or he could make a profession for himself as a private detective, selling himself for a few bucks a day, while travelling the world living out of a suitcase! If “they” would let him. Ex-Secret Agents are generally kept on a long leash, because of the information they have, and perhaps with the option that one day they might be returned into the fold. But not Number 6, he’s far too valuable to be left at liberty, he has information which needs both protecting and extracting. First why did he resign? Secondly of all the files he’s seen, the projects he knows about, just headings, not details, oh yes, and does he know where Seltzman is? Its details in Number 6’s past that makes the man so important, and because he refuses to give any information away is why he will remain a prisoner!

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