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Monday 2 April 2018

The Therapy Zone

   Having left the Green Dome, after an interview with Number 2 in ‘Hammer Into Anvil” Number 6 his ego bruised, and wanting revenge on Number 2, turns his attention to the bay window of The General Stores.
   Once inside the General Store he takes a copy of The Tally Ho from the newspaper rack the headline ‘Increase Vigilance Call From New Number 2.’ It’s not important that Number 6 pays for The Tally Ho but leaves it behind. It’s the fact that in this episode that same edition of The Tally Ho is on sale two days running, at the kiosk where Number 6 has a private advert placed in the personal column of the next issue. Yes Number 14 takes the next day’s issue of The Tally Ho to Number 2 in order for him to read Number 6’s private advert in the personal column. “Hay mas mal en el aldehuela que se suena,” There is more harm in The Village than is dreamt. And that’s alright as it goes, but how do we know that issue of The Tally Ho isn’t the same issue from the beginning of the episode, but used as a prop for another edition?

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