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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Thought For The Day

    Cobb told Number 2 that he mustn’t keep his new masters waiting. It appears that Cobb had been brought to The Village and “turned,” and then sent back to carry on with his work, but in the pay of those behind The Village. Whether the same can be said of Chambers is clearly difficult to say, but certainly in the case of Fotheringay and the Colonel who were brought to work in The Village as part of the plan to extract the reason behind Number 6’s resignation. Curtis was seconded back to them in order to take part in another elaborate plan, in which he would impersonate Number 6, to take away his sense of identity and reality. Then there’s Roland Walter Dutton, brought to The Village to have any and all information extracted from him. He would not be released back to his old job whilst working for The Village, as he is expendable! Finally there’s the Colonel who had been sent to The Village by the highest authority, he certainly didn’t look very comfortable with that. Did this Colonel work for The Village? Again it’s difficult to tell, although he was certainly working with them. Then there’s Number 6. Had the original idea been to bring ZM73 to The Village in order to “turn” him, then to send him back to carry on with his original work, but also working for those behind The Village? If so there had been a sudden hitch in that plan, ZM73 would have no job to return to, seeing as he had resigned that job! So perhaps having had their plans ruined ZM73 had been brought to The Village for them to discover the reason behind his resignation. Had that proved to have been a much easier task, what then? Well that would be anyone’s guess.

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