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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


    It’s what we all want ultimately, to escape. Well some of us, because for the vast majority escape is not on the cards. In any case is the grass really greener on the opposite side of the fence? And where are you going to escape to? Take Number 6 for example, he took any opportunity that came his way to try and escape The Village. But escape is not possible, two days running he tried to escape, and look where it got him! And when one morning when he woke up to find The Village deserted Number 6 made his escape while the going was good. I wonder if he stopped for one minute to think and consider what might have happened to all the citizens. Where were they, where had they all gone? Did he once pause to consider the possibility that he was being set up by Number 2? Well if he did he didn’t think twice about it. And yet after all he had gone through from the moment he set sail aboard his sea-going raft to the moment he found himself in the study of what used to be his own home, he still couldn’t leave it alone. He had to escape back to The Village! Perhaps it was the only place he could ever go. After all what was he, back in the outside world? A nobody, a nameless exile, a homeless vagrant, a raggedy man without two pennies to rub together. A man without position and influence, having resigned them both!

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