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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Back To London!

   “Well done Fotheringay. Well you’d better get back to London before any embarrassing questions are asked.”
    Well done Fotheringay, he didn’t do anything! He was there simply to egg the pudding. After all if Number 6 expected to land in an office he knew in
London, he would expect to see Fotheringay there. And these “embarrassing questions,” what might they be, unless of course Fotheringay wasn’t supposed to be away from his department and in The Village!
    “What’s my next assignment?”
    “The Colonel will give you your orders when he returns.”
    He’s keen this Fotheringay, but judging by the expression on the Colonel’s face after Number 6 discovers the deception, makes me think the Colonel will not be returning to London any time soon. After all the failure is his, nothing to do with Number 2.
    I wonder how Fotheringay first became embroiled with The Village? Perhaps he, like Number 2, woke up amongst them one day as a prisoner. I cannot see Fotheringay holding out for very long against any method of interrogation used against him, and so could be easily turned. And the same could be said of the Colonel. Fotheringay seems a gentle, warm, affable fellow. But do not be fooled by the exterior, because he didn’t think twice about betraying his old colleague, on the other hand its something the Colonel would relish!

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