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Sunday, 8 April 2018

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    It means what it is! But what is it, action adventure, a spy drama, science fiction, an allegory? It is all these things and more. However one thing it is not, it’s not a detective series there is no dead body lying on the floor in the library either shot through the head or a Persian dagger in the woman’s back! Mind you there is a body lying dead on the sea shore, either drowned or suffocated to death. The body was found by Number 6. The strange thing is he didn’t report finding it. Instead he moved the body from the crime scene and hid it in a cave! Later he cast it adrift hoping it would carry a message to someone in the outside world. Instead it was found, probably by the crew of M. S. Polotska and brought back to The Village. Yet again there was no investigation into the dead body, but Number 6 was put on trial, not for murder, but simply for having a radio! It is thought the body is that of Number 34, although there is little evidence to substantiate that, but Number 34 was reported dead by the Supervisor. An investigation into the death of this man Number 34 has now been conducted, and full disclosure of this investigation will be provided at a propitious time later in the year.

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