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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Collectors Corner

   Yesterday my wife and I had a day trip to Nottingham, and spent three hours at the Hopkinson Vintage, Antiques & Arts Centre. Amongst our purchases were the three fridge magnets. The top one, if I remember correctly, is from a design on an early ‘Prisoner’ DVD box.
   The middle one is the design for the 1998 calendar. That was the time when someone decided to “jazz up” ‘the Pris6ner’ logo, as in the VHS video box set of around the same time, as seen below. The box set came in two parts, which both fitted the accompanying box, in which there was also a set of postcards, and a No.6 bottle opener.
   The fridge magnets cost a mere £2 each, and were the last thing I envisaged finding in a cabinet marked “RETRO.” There was also a large pile of enlarged production photographs from numerous television series, but none of ‘the Prisoner.’

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