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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Girl Who Was Death

    Well it was worth a try Number 2. I suppose anything is worth a try once! In fact this episode would have served equally well as the prequel to ‘Fall Out,’ how Number 6 would have managed to be taken to meet Number 1 by the Supervisor I’m not at all sure. Perhaps he could have come walking into the nursery asking Number 6 what he wanted, because Number 2’s attitude is one of having just scraped the bottom of the barrel. The idea that Number 6 might drop his guard with children does seem to be the last hope of the desperate. It also suggests that those that be, have run out of ideas. Number 2’s attitude would suggest that that is just what it was. Thinking about it, it makes one wonder why they even bothered with this particular method, and instead why they just didn’t use the psychological method of ‘Degree Absolute’ instead. But perhaps this particular Number 2 wasn’t up to that challenge, that a different calibre of Number 2 was required. That would make this episode something of a stop gap until they brought a more suitable Number 2 back to The Village who was up to the task!

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