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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Dance of The Dead

    In my opinion the darkest of all the 17 episodes, death runs through this entire episode like chess runs through ‘Checkmate.’ Number 6 asked Number 2 if she was English, she never did answer, but The Village is very English, perhaps not the architecture but most people and a good deal in it are very much English.
    Supposing Number 6 doesn’t like flowers? And yet everyone has flowers for Carnival, and yet not everyone likes Carnival if we are to judge by people’s expressions. Carnival appears to be an enforced entity, as the cheers of laughter and happiness are manufactured, as there are no smiling faces. The citizens parade as though in a Zombie like state simply going through the motions.
   Number 6 makes no attempt to escape, instead he plumps for sending a message to someone, anyone who may find it. Someone did, probably the crew of M.S. Polotska, and they brought it back to The Village, to be amended so that the face would not be recognised, and the wallet amended slightly, meaning the map Number 6 drew was removed. Mind you that map seemed to have been of little use to anyone, no indication of country, latitude or longitude. I expect Number 6 imagined that the body would be found and a search for The Village made from that point. But there wouldn’t be any need for a search to be made, not now ZM73 is reported dead in an accident at sea.

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