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Monday 16 April 2018

In The Village!

   In ‘Arrival’ Number 2 makes his progress report on the newly arrived prisoner, by speaking into a red ‘L’ shaped telephone. Report on Number Six, normal classification, on arrival subject showed shock symptoms. Followed by accepted behaviour, pattern, since then has been uncooperative and distinctly aggressive, attempted to escape. Subject proving exceptionally difficult, but in view of his importance no extreme measures to be used yet. It is not understood whether he is speaking to someone who is listening to the report, possibly Number 1 if the colour of the telephone is anything to judge by. On the other hand the report might have been recorded because Number 2 does not have the telephone to his ear. During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ Number 2 uses a small square metal box in order to update Number 6’s file. File Number Six, section 42 subsection 6 new paragraph 5, overweening sense of self importance. While here his ego mania has if anything, increased! And towards the end of the episode, File Number 6, section 42, subsection 1, paragraph one, back to the beginning! It strikes me that at this point The Village has gone digital, or at least Number 2 seems to be using a digital recorder in order to update Number 6’s file. It’s the only way I can describe that small metal box. Perhaps he’s testing it!

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