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Wednesday 18 April 2018

A Favourite Scene In Hammer Into Anvil

    Numbers 2 and 14 had been following Number 6 down to the Stone Boat. After Number 6 had left they moved in, and under the padded seat of a bench in the main cabin they find the white envelope Number 6 had left there. Then they hurry back to the Green Dome when Number 2 is about to open the envelope.
    “I shan’t need you any more Fourteen, you can go.”
    “But I thought…..”
    “Don’t….. just obey orders.”
    “Yes sir.”
    Number 14 leaves the office, and Number 2 opens the envelope alone, to discover what he may. And as it so happens, well we know what he discovered. And I try to imagine the anticipation shown on Number 2’s face as he tears open the envelope, puts his hand inside and then pauses before pulling out the pages. And then comes the disappointment as he examines each of the 3 blank sheets of foolscap paper, followed by bewilderment, why should Number 6 hide blank sheets of paper in the Stone Boat? But are they blank sheets of paper? Number 2 instructs a laboratory assistant to test the papers for whatever is written on them, words figures, anything. And Number 2 will not be argued with!
   I always feel sorry for Number 14 he always does his best for Number 2, yet is always kept at arms length. If only Number 2 had put more trust in his assistant. Perhaps he saw 14 as being good at fetching and carrying out menial tasks, a bit of a dogsbody, the junior in the office!

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