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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Free For All

    The members of the Town Council, can they laugh, can they cry, can they think? In their heads must be the remnant of a brain, in their hearts must be the desire to be a human being again. Brainwashed imbeciles, such is Number 6’s description, but are they? We only have his word for it, and what does he know? All Number 2 could say was the members of the Town Council were there when he arrived. And how many of them are there, because they are the members of the out-going Council, presumably to be replaced by other such former Number 2’s or interim Number 2. Is that what happens to failed Number 2s, that they end up sub-divided on the Town Council?
   According to Number 6, who explained to both the Colonel and Thorpe, the Town Council is democratically elected once a year, and he could have been a member. Perhaps he could, seeing as he was Number 2 for a few minutes. And yet by the time of the next episode democracy in The Village has been abolished, done away with because of it inefficiencies! That was quick I must say. And yet if we are to take that as gospel, and I think we must because Number 2 has no opposition, and it would have been true had ‘Dance of The Dead’ taken its originally intended position as second in the screening order. And yet that would then have made a mockery of the free local elections of ‘Free For All’ which would have followed soon after. Alright the election was rigged from the very beginning, even the result. But free elections when the citizens must all have been brainwashed into taking part. But then Number 2 was a master of manipulation of such a community as The Village, which is something Number 6 lacked. This was demonstrated towards the end of the episode as Number 6 attempted to manipulate the citizens into a mass breakout or at the very least cause enough chaos so that he could slip away somehow, unobserved.
     Vote for me and I’ll be ever so comfortee! 

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