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Sunday 22 April 2018

Village Life!

    “What’s the password?”
    “I was going to ask you that.”
    “Ask me what?”
    “What’s the password?”
    “I asked you first.”
    “I didn’t realize there was a password, is it Gemini?”
    “No, perhaps its schizoid man.”
    “It wouldn’t be that would it?”
    “No, I don’t suppose it would be.”
    “The atmosphere here is very different to what it was elsewhere.”
    “What made you say that?”
    “I don’t know, it’s just a turn of phrase.”
    “What like Jacque has a long moustache.” 
    “Does he?”
    “Jacque has a long moustache, I hadn’t noticed.”
    “No, it’s a recognition code they used in the war, to pass on instructions to the French résistance.”
    “Well in the army they would say halt who goes there friend or foe?”
    “Step forward and be recognized friend.”
    “Good, well I’m pleased we’ve sorted that out.”
    “See you later in the canteen?”
    “You bet and remember it’s your turn to pay for the teas and buns!”

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