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Friday, 6 April 2018

Village Life!

    No.14 “I didn’t know Number Six was using the Stone Boat as a drop!”
    No.2 “No, neither did I. But the thing is we got here first!”
    “Shouldn’t we leave the envelope where it is, stake out the Stone Boat and see who comes to collect that envelope?”
    “Not when I want to know what’s in it!”
    “But sir the trick is to catch his confederates.”
    “We’ll catch them alright!”
    “Just a minute.”
    “Now what?”
    “Are you one of them?”
    “Certainly not!”
    “It’s strange all the same.”
    “What’s strange about it?
    “Number Six left that envelope for someone to collect.”
    “What of it?”
    “You knew just where to find it!”
    “I did?”
    “You came into this cabin, and you went straight to that bench.”
    “Don’t be ridiculous!”
    “And there you found the envelope.”
    “Where else is there to hide an envelope in here?”
    “But you watched and followed Number Six to the Stone Boat, and I followed you.”
    “Yes, that’s what you wanted it to look like.”
    “Let’s discuss this back in my office.”
   “I shan’t need you any more Fourteen, you can go.”
   “You mean you want me out of the way while you open that envelope in secret!”
    “You’re job Fourteen is to obey orders.”
    “Alright sir, if that’s the way you want it!”
   “There’s nothing written on them, they’re just blank sheets of paper. I don’t know how he managed it, but Number Fourteen must have swapped envelopes on me. Which makes him Number Six’s confederate, and a traitor to The Village!”

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