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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A Favourite Scene In It’s Your Funeral

   Poor old Number 2, he’s returned to The Village having been away on leave, just in time for his retirement! Although I suppose he could have been on a busman’s holiday, holidaying in The Village seeing as it gives the impression of a seaside holiday resort.
    “Did you call?”
    “Yes……send someone to the bureau of visual records there’s a tape I want to review.”
    “At once….subject?”
    “Subject….warning of an assassination plot, persons Number 6 and my successor.”
    {There is a pregnant pause}
    “Well get on with it!”
    “It would be a waste of time….there is no recording of that description.”
    “How strange.”
    “You must have been misinformed!”
    “Strange although you have no duty functions in the bureau of visual records you can state instantly, and with total assurance that the records I require are non-existent……. Please explain.”
    “No Number Two I’m not able to.”
    {Another pregnant pause}
    “I understand…..the fact that you won’t explain explains everything.”
    Number 14 calmly, but perhaps with a feeling of regret, leaves the office, and Number 2 to consider his immediate future…..seeing as he hasn’t got one!
    I like the way Number 2 says to his assistant “Strange although you have no duty functions in the bureau of visual records,” Number 22 doesn’t seem to have any sort of duties at all! Having said that, it must have been singularly difficult for Number 22, being in the unique position of having to serve two masters at the same time!

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