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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


    Escape by helicopter? No, that Number 6 once tried that, and simply ended back where he started, rather like the local taxi service, they’ll take you as far as you like, just as long as you end back here in the end! And no, its not worth trying to simply drive away from The Village, Number 6 tried that twice, once led to a nasty experience with the Guardian, the other to the mountains, and there’s no getting over them! And besides, I cannot pilot a helicopter! I did think to get a gang of reliable men together, but that’s been tried twice, without success! Perhaps if I could impersonate someone who is thought to be leaving The Village, but then that person would have to look like me!! By boat might be a way of escape, but not using one of The Village boats, and I’m no dab hand at building rafts. And even if I was, to put out to sea would mean the use of navigation, and I’m no hand at navigation!!! But I could fell a tree somewhere in the woods, carve a canoe out of the trunk, make a paddle, and then sneak out just before curfew, and at the dead of night paddle my canoe not out to sea, but taking the other route in land along the river. I bet that’s never been tried before!

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