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Thursday, 12 April 2018

What Was In Your Mind?

  While Number 6 and Number 2 are chatting away Number 8 has made herself comfortable on the beach. This is observed by Number 6, well even he has an eye for a pretty face, and Nadia is very attractive. But she has something on her mind. She stands up and paces up and down a little, she appears to be turning something over in her mind, and then removing her sunglasses she stands there looking out to sea. Eventually she takes off her dressing gown and enters the water, and swims away.
   Was she attempting suicide? No, she was attempting to escape by simply swimming away, to a supposed fishing village 30 miles away. But then she couldn’t swim so far. Because although at the age of 17 she had been an Olympic bronze medallist, that was in a swimming pool, wild swimming is a completely different thing. Then there are tides and currents to take into consideration. Then what was in her mind? Nadia was considering what she was about to do, naturally with a feeling of trepidation, perhaps she was hesitant of getting into the water, building up her courage until the moment came when she knew she would have to go into the water knowing what was waiting for her out there! Well surely when Nadia went to have lunch with Number 2 {that’s an indication as to when Nadia Rakovsky arrived in The Village. Not in time for breakfast, but invited to the Green Dome for lunch} that he briefed her on the matter of the membranic Guardian! Knowing what was out there, knowing what the affect it would have upon her, no wonder Number 8 was thinking about it! But that makes her an extremely good agent, putting her life on the line in the call of duty no matter the personal danger to herself. She trusted that she would survive the ordeal. What Nadia was about to face would make anyone think about it, long and hard!

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