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Monday, 2 April 2018

Special Imports!

    When it comes to the basics, such as crockery, citizens in The Village have to eat off plates, and drink out of cups the same as anyone else. And since The Village lacks a pottery, such items are specially imported from various parts of the World. For example Number 2 drinks out of Crown Derby cups. Pictured here are ‘Penny Plain’ jugs, along with salt and pepper pots from a village in Wales. There is also the familiar blue and white Cornishware produced in Church Gresley in Derbyshire. At the back of the dresser behind the Cornishware is the distinctive Bitossi Art Ochre pottery from Italy. And on the shelf the Denby Brown coffee pots, produced in Denby again in Derbyshire.
    In Number 6’s cottage when Number 86 makes him a refreshing cup of tea, and later when he gives 86 a lesson in how to make a descent cup of tea, Penny Plain mugs are used. However the teapot in question is a Royal Worcester side handled brown teapot produced between 1960 and 1979. While at the café, as well as at the Old People’s Home, coffee is served in brown coffee cups, with white interiors, and of almost a hexagonal shape. The pottery which designed and produced these is unknown to me…………….. Now I think I’d like some tea.

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