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Monday, 12 January 2015

Jammers – Saboteurs – Escapees & Anarchists

    Life in The Village is not all that pleasant, well not for the prisoners who don't talk it isn't, especially for those whose hearts and minds lie further afield in another world.
    You might think that Number 6 is pubic enemy No.1, and to all intents and purposes you'd be right. A thorn in the side of Number 2 might be a better way to put it. Yet there are others, whose life in the Village is not what it might be. There's Cobb, but it didn't take long for him to be turned, and soon found himself a 'trustee' who although having been brought to The Village a prisoner, he was trusted enough to leave The Village and not talk about it. Or did he? Because once away from the Village, Cobb could have gone and done anything. Talked to anyone about the Village, if he was feigning having gone over to the other side, who-so-ever side that might be, just to be able to escape!
    Then there's Number 12 of Administration, who sees the Professor as being a trouble-maker who attracts trouble-makers. As well as being a crank, and should be treated as such! Number 12 was not against the occasional act of sabotage, and assisting Number 6 in bringing down both ‘The General’ and thus sabotaging the educational experiment of Speedlearn.
    The Rook-Number 53 was put through a form of Pavlovian experiment, which was originally used on dogs, not rats, by Pavlov. Number 8-the white Queen, she was used in an experiment that was originally used with dolphins in submarine detection. Having had a emotion transmitter placed on her in a locket, that made her part of The Village alarm system! More than that, Number 8 was conditioned and hypnotised into believing that she was in love with Number 6, and he with her.
    Number 73 had it worse, because she was only brought to the Village because 'they' didn't know where her husband was. Who having tried killing herself once by slashing her wrists, was driven to jump to her death out through a hospital window by Number 2 during an interview.
    A retiring Number 2 also becomes a victim of The Village's Administration, by being under sentence of execution, by the Administration he had served so loyally.
    In ‘A Change of Mind’ everyone in The Village is a potential victim, should they do anything which is out of the norm, hence being posted as disharmonious or unmutual! Those trouble-makers who continually offend, are given the treatment known as 'Instant Social Conversion.' By this it is meant a leucotomy, to isolate the aggressive frontal lobes. Of course there are all manner of different therapy treatments for those citizens who are found to be in need. Such as to counteract obsessional guilt complexes producing neurosis for example.
    There are also those citizens who perhaps feel dissatisfied with life in the Village, such as the shopkeeper-Number 19 or is it 56, or the painter-Number 42, who have sufficient wit to join forces with Number 6 in order to help with his escape plan. And don't forget all those 'jammers' whose plans and developments of all kinds of mischief were designed to confuse the Observers. The plots were all make-believe, non-existent. But Control couldn't know that until they'd checked them out. They used to run themselves ragged, checking out the schemes of jammers. But they don't do it any more. Anything Control picks up from known jammers, they simply let ride {sounds like a perfect way to escape for a jammer!}.
    Then there is Number 51, the Watchmaker, who takes the next step and becomes an anarchist. For in his mind he is in league with Number 100. He makes a bomb which is housed in a replica of the Great Seal of Office, and designed to kill the retiring Number 2 during the Appreciation Day ceremony. This act is designed, as far as Number 51 is concerned, to wake the Citizens up from their lethargy. Number 6 was once accused of being an anarchist, of having a bomb, by Number 2, but that was just his paranoia!
   Number 48 had been with The Village, until he went and gone! But what employment, or position Number 48 held in The Village can only be speculated on. Perhaps he was a Top-Hat Official, seeing as how No.48 wore a Top Hat! And don't forget that list of malcontents as mentioned by the interim Number 2 in ‘It's Your Funeral,’ of which Number 6 is top of the list! It would seem that there has been an air of dissatisfaction within The Village, long before the Prisoner-Number 6's arrival! 

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