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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Quote For The Day

   “A find missing link.”
   “B put it together.”
   “C and if I fail, then BANG!”
                          {Number 2 - Once Upon A Time}

    Whatever missing link is Number 2 talking about? Yes it concerns Number 6, but is he meaning the missing link in evolutionary terms? No it can’t be that. Seeing as Number 6’s mind has been regressed back to his childhood, perhaps there’s a missing link inside Number 6, something that makes him different to ordinary men. Or makes him think so. Because even as a child there is something in his brain that is a puzzlement. It seems that Number 2 is taking the Prisoner through a series of incidents in his life which Number 2 is trying to understand.  Incidents which go to make the Prisoner who he is, and try to make it easier to understand the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. Or Number 2 could be trying to rebuild the Prisoner commencing with his childhood. Acting as his father, headmaster, fencing tutor, boxing coach. Finally as his recruiting officer into British Intelligence. The pilot of the bomber is not counted, as the Prisoner was not old enough to have served during the second World war. In fact I’m not sure which war the Prisoner would have served, if he did serve in the armed forces. It obviously wasn't the Korean war, as he was interrogated by a German speaker.
    Number 6 certainly thinks a good deal of himself, at one time he thought himself to be above the law. But that was before his resignation, when he was happy doing the kind of work he did. That time for example when he was arrested for speeding. He told the Judge that he was on secret, confidential business of the highest order. And that such business was above the law!
    He also told one of ‘A’s’ henchmen that he daren’t shoot him after he had been abducted to the château. Such is the Prisoner’s feeling of self-importance, realising what a high price on the open market he could bring to the highest bidder.
   Number 6 the missing link, but for sure. Not himself you understand, but what it is inside the man that makes the Prisoner different to everyone else. After all Number 2 of ‘Dance of the Dead’ saw that 6 as different to all the others. Perhaps its as simple as the man being utterly loyal, and dedicated to his work. In fact the Prisoner is so utterly loyal, that even when he is no longer employed in his work, having resigned his position, he still will not give away any of the confidential secretive information inside his head. Few men behave in such a way. Just as Chambers who was so talkative, and Cobb who soon went over to his new masters. Dutton also talked, yet it seems he is not proud of that fact. Although he has a sense of his own mortality, he knew that soon Roland Walter Dutton would cease to exist. Number 6 would never find himself in Dutton’s position, perhaps that’s what makes him different to all the others, that fact that he is seen to have a future with them, in The Village that is. Whereas all the others didn’t, and were expendable as indeed was Roland Walter Dutton.

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