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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Obey Me And Be Free!

  Did Number 6 upon attaining the position of Number 2, think that he could really organise a mass breakout? Did he really care for the people to be free? Or was it more likely that he thought that if he could organise the people into causing enough chaos and mayhem, that he could escape unnoticed?
   And how were the people to be free? How were they expected to leave The Village even if they wanted to? It was alright for Number 6, he could fly a helicopter, or perhaps take the jet boat. But what about the ordinary citizens, how were they expected to breakout of The Village? A few might get away in Mini-Mokes, but all most citizens could do, would be to run away, and that would beg the question how far? And it would be worse for the senior citizens in the Old people’s home, those in wheelchairs. And what about the patients in the hospital?
    “This is our chance.... this is our chance take it now. I have command, I will immobilise all electronic controls.... Listen to me......You are free to go.... You are free to go..... I am in command, obey me and be free.... You are free to to go…free to go." That would be right. Free to go where, and how? In the end it’s just as Number 2 suspected, Number 6 lacked the administrative ability to manipulate a community such as theirs!

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