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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

   Upon discovering that Engadine is an agent who also works for ‘C,’ or is ‘C’ which makes the man in the mask ‘D’ according to the doctor. She enquires if Number 2 will be bringing her to The Village. To which he says “Yes.”
   So did Number 2 have Engadine brought to The Village? The above picture would suggest that he did. The house, the garden an exact replica of Engadine’s own house and garden in Paris. What happened to Engadine is unknown. She may have died in The Village, or had been released. However it would appear that the house was not re-developed, but that the Professor and Madam Professor were moved in to the house and garden as it stood. Which the above picture, taken during one of Madam Professor’s art seminars, would suggest! 
   There was no need to recreate the Professor's own house, as with certain abductees, as he and Madam Professor went to The Village of their own free will.

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