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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Thought For The Day

    There was a chap lying on a table in the Amnesia Room with electrodes attached to his head. He had undergone the mind transference procedure, then he wad all unpleasant memories of The Village removed from his mind, then sent out to gather information. He was brought back to The Village in order to have that information extracted. Then he would once more have all unpleasant memories of The Village removed from his mind and would leave The Village, be put back into circulation in order to gather more information. And so it goes on. But what of the half of the mind transference technique, the other man whose body then housed another mans mind, what happens to him? No matter what in The Village, there is always a victim left to pay the price.
   And what about Number 6? He’s no better than the man lying on that table in the Amnesia Room. Like him he underwent the mind transference procedure, had all unpleasant memories of The Village removed, and was put back in circulation, in order to find Professor Seltzman for The Village. Number 6 was effectively working for The Village, and yet it was a clever move. Because if he went blabbing to his ex-colleagues again about The Village and what had been done to him, who would believe him? He could scream blue murder, but to his ex-colleagues it would be the Colonel doing the shouting! As for Number 6? Well he was undertaking an act of self-preservation. If he didn’t find Seltzman, he’d simply have accept his situation and go about looking like the Colonel for the rest of his life! As for the Colonel, he would be trapped in the body of Number 6, forced to live out his life in The Village!

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