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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Village Life!

   "So, what are we doing here?"
   "Enjoying afternoon tea."
   "But there is no tea, my cup's empty!"
   "And shouldn't we be at the cafe if we're to enjoy afternoon tea?"
   "These must be the new cafe facilities arranged by Number Two."

   "I wouldn't mind a toasted teacake."
   "You'll have to shout a bit dear, the waiter's over there at the cafe!"

   "So what's today?"
   "Appreciation Day."
   "I'll have to pick something up for tea on my way home."
   "How is Arthur?"
   "Still suffering with his lumbago."

   Village Announcement "Just to remind you good people everywhere, the big day is tomorrow, Appreciation Day. Remember folks, speeches from Number Two and the unveiling of the magnificent Appreciation monument. Don't miss it, come one, come all, be seeing you."
   "Oh today's not Thursday, it's Wednesday!"
   "So they won't be filming the big Appreciation Day ceremony today?"
   "Doesn't look like it."
   "We'd better have some more tea then."

Be seeing you

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