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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Quote For The Day

    “He’s not like the others."
                               {Number 2 - Dance of the Dead}
    Others, what others? Is Number 2 speaking about prisoners in The Village in general, or certain prisoners in particular? Certainly Number 6 isn’t like Roland Walter Dutton, he’s expendable. The new Number 2 of ‘Arrival’ said that no extreme measures were to be used against the Prisoner….yet. So if the treatment Number 6 received in these 16 episodes was not extreme treatment, what was? Because waking up to find your are someone else, that you're not Number 6 at all, but as someone who looks the very image of him, seems a bit on the extreme side to me! Then perhaps going that one step further by giving him a complete change of mind is! And “Degree Absolute,” just how many prisoners had made it to that stage of events? How many had been put through the psychological battle with a Number 2, as 6 had been, and actually survived? Not many perhaps, if indeed any.
    Number 2 saw, or was told, that Number 6 had a future with them. But as what? Someone like Cobb, turned and released from The Village only to be one of their many puppets? As a successor to Number 2 perhaps, he was told that he might be given a position of authority. And yet Number 6 was tested in that role and had been found wanting, and being 2, Chairman of The Village is the highest office. Unless Number 6 was being put to the test in order to see if he was worthy of a much loftier position, that of 1.

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