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Friday, 2 January 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Might drop his guard with children..hmmm! He might give something away.
    “Well it was worth a try Number Two.”  
    He told them a …….he told them blessed fairytale. That one wouldn’t drop his guard with his own grandmother!”
                     {Number 2 and Number 10 - The Girl Who Was Death}

   Was it, was it really worth a try? I suppose anything is worth a try once. But really, who’s idea was it to try and get Number 6 to open up to children? And was this the one and only time, or was Number 6 something like Scheherazade?
    They were definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one, and in more ways than one. They might just a swell have forgotten about this idea the moment they thought of it, whether the idea originated from Number 1, Number 2, both, or some external agency. However judging by Number 2’s attitude at the end, he should perhaps guard his words more carefully “Might drop his guard with Children” he seems to be criticising his superior. But then Number 2 was only working with the tools he had been give. As far as Number 1 is concerned they should have gone straight to the ultimate test of Degree Absolute. But that never seemed to occur to Number 1 untail afterwards. ‘The Girl Who was Death’ does give some light relief from what has gone before, and for what is yet to come. More than that the episode does give some little incite into the kind of work the Prisoner used to do before he handed in his letter of resignation. He managed to save
London from destruction by the rocket of a mad scientist. I wonder how much the Prisoner was paid for the kind of work he used to do? £10, £15 a week? And no medal at the end of it, not even a “golden handshake,” possibly not even a thank you. Mister X the unsung hero! It’s no wonder he eventually resigned!

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