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Saturday, 31 January 2015

A B and C

   ‘A B and C’ is rather like ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ Both episodes take place over three consecutive days. We have no when the idea for the  experiment to get into No.6’s dreams was conceived, just as there is no way of knowing when Plan Division Q first came about. Or how long it took Number 2 to have Number 6’s whole life researched and computed. Perhaps only a matter of a couple of days. Nor how long it took Number 50 to go and seek help from Number 6, again perhaps it was only a matter of only a couple of days. What’s more both Number 2’s are put under pressure, to no fault of their own, because of delay. Number 2 of ‘A B and C’ has found Number 6 to be very difficult, that he’s no ordinary person, but if he had a free hand….. As for Number 2 of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ he must find a way to get Number 6 interested enough to get himself involved with Plan Division Q! Both Number 2’s are not indispensable, seeing as one of them is only an interim Number 2 anyway! And both are guilty of underestimating Number 6. Enthusiasts for ‘the Prisoner’ are used to parallels being drawn between the series and other television series, feature films, and literature. But now we can see how parallels can be drawn between episodes within ‘the Prisoner’ series itself.

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