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Friday, 30 January 2015

The Village

    It took me long enough to find The Village. Oh I had known of it for a long time, but it was getting there you see. I had not always the means of getting there, but then one day I found the means. I didn’t resign my job or anything like that, well I wasn’t very important, and even if I had……Well lets be honest, when I did eventually resign my job no-one bothered to replace me! When I look back I like to think of myself as having been irreplaceable!
   But I was writing of The Village, oh I went there voluntarily, of my own free will. What I found was Shangri-la, Utopia, and I could not have been happier there. But time marched on, and eventually it was time to leave. Well I couldn’t stay any longer, but I always went back, and when I arrived it was as though I had never been away. In fact as the years went on, in those days I used to visit The Village as often as I could, and it was always like going home. And when it came time to leave, I would always linger for as long as I could, delaying the eventuality that I could not hope to avoid. But I always went back, and each time I arrived I was always made to feel very welcome.
    The Village was for me Shangri-la, a place of peace and tranquillity. A place where I felt more at home than actually being at home, a home from home. No, be honest, it was more than that. The Village for me had become a retreat, to get away from the ravages of the World. No, even that’s not it, but a place to get away from reality for a while!
   And then I met her there. If ever I was going to meet someone it would have to be in The Village. And it was extraordinary, because she felt exactly like myself. The relationship developed, and together we shared our Shangri-la, and we were happy to go there twice, thrice, sometimes four times a year. I suppose we grew dependent upon it, perhaps too much. And then something happened, we both felt that we no longer needed our Shangri-la, and never went back to The Village again. It had changed you see, it wasn’t as it once was. And I suppose we had changed as well, and no longer needed The Village, having made our very own Shangri-la.

Be seeing you

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