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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Village Festival

    What’s that like then, the English Village fete? Tombola, cakes, and a coconut shy, test your strength machine, and all manner of various stalls. Madam Engadines palmistry tent. Tea and refreshment marquee. Competitions and the like. With Number 24 providing part of the afternoon entertainment with her mind-reading act. The good citizens all going about enjoying themselves, eating ice cream, cream teas, candyfloss and toffee apples. But of course Number 6 missed all the fun, as he was undergoing condition at the time, while Number 12, went about impersonating  him and having a high old time. But sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t Number 1 impersonating Number 6, well who better? Yes of course by the time of ‘The Schizoid Man’ no-one knew who Number 1 was. But having the knowledge of ‘Fall Out,’ and that would tend to make a mess of the rest of the series when attempting to come to any sort of conclusion. Besides Curtis died, and if Curtis was Number 1, then there wouldn’t be any Number 1 for Number 6 to be brought face to face with! It might have been much better if the members of the Assembly had been a collective 1. Mind you, having the former 6 meet Number 1 on his own did help to bring about escape. Left alone in that Control Room as he was, made it easy for Number 6. He was in lucks way once more. Because had there been no one to one confrontation between 1 and 6, and thereby 6 having had to deal with the members of the Assembly as the collective 1, then there would have been no given opportunity for escape whatsoever.
   As it was escape was made easy, Number 1 dealt with, sealed in that nose of the rocket. Security guards scythed through, and the final escape aboard a waiting lorry. I’ve never figured out who that waiting lorry was intended for. Number 1 perhaps. Unless the escape was all a set up, organised by those behind The Village. The President had ordered the evacuation of The Village, if any of those delegates had an inkling that that lorry was sat there, why not take it for themselves, even the President? That’s ‘the Prisoner’ for you, the deeper you try to fathom it, the more unanswerable question are unearthed!

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