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Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Social Group

    What happens is, they sit around in this social group and talk about each others problems. Take Number 42, she was declared as being disharmonious simply because she ignored Number 10’s greeting. She pleaded that she was composing poetry at the time, and failed to hear the greeting. Well what about that 61? Number 6 greeted her soon after leaving the Town Hall, “Beautiful day Sixty-one,” and she totally ignored him, and she didn’t have any excuse, she deliberately ignored Number 6. Therefore 61 should also be posted as disharmonious!
    The trouble with Number 6 is, he’s a disruptive influence, and all they want to do is help him. He won’t be helped though. He even rejects the help of the ladies sub appeal Committee, of which Number 42 is soon an active member.
    Number 6 shows no contrition, why should he, he’s done nothing wrong. The Committee is merely a tool of Number 2’s, who desires to steal the good citizens minds, and not give them back.
    Number 86 said that she was once posted disharmonious, that must have been really terrible for her. But she was helped by the Social Group, now it is she who runs that group. It must be that the group was very busy, seeing as there were so many disharmonious unmutuals in The Village. Well the interim Number 2 of the previous episode said that there are malcontents in The Village, and that Number 6 is top of the bill! Its possible that these malcontents which the interim Number 2 made mention of, are the enemies within, which a former Number 2 referred to in his article calling for an increase in vigilance. So with this interim Number 2 knowing about these malcontents, perhaps Number 2 of ’Hammer Into Anvil was not so paranoid after all!

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