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Sunday, 25 January 2015

It's Your Funeral

    An episode which has something in common with ‘A B and C,’ in that it takes place over three consecutive days. Although it can be argued that Plan Division Q had been put into operation any number of days before, because Number 50/Monique took her time, in making her mind up in deciding to go and see Number 6. Thereby Plan Division Q had already been put behind {they were running late as it was} not that we are told just how much time had been lost.
   Number 6 had been selected because he would give credibility to the threat of assassination/execution of the retiring Number 2, without which the plan might fail. But the plan did fail, because of Number6’s involvement. More likely Number 6 was chosen as a communication medium because of the fear of Jammers. Number 6 was the one person Number 2 would take seriously. If anyone else had gone to Number 2 and told him of an assassination plot against him, he, or she, would have been instantly dismissed as being a Jammer!
    This episode is unique in the fact that it enjoys four Number 2’s, although only two appear “on screen.” One resembles a former Number 2 with his goatee beard. The other might be said to resemble the first female Number 2 by the attire she wears.
   This episode revolves around two ideas, an assassination and an execution, which are really one and the same. The fact is that they are about to execute a senior Number 2 who is set to retire. A man who has enjoyed a successful career, has been loyal throughout to The Village. So it’s no wonder the Village Administration wanted to hide its hand in executing a man who has carried out sterling work for The Village, in serving well its community.
   So how many people knew of Plan Division Q to execute Number 2? Number 1 obviously, the interim Number 2, the Supervisor, and Number 100 who had recruited Number 51 to carry out the assassination/execution. But might not others also be aware? Such as the Observers in the Control Room? After all the interim Number 2 and Supervisor-Number 26 were discussing the plan in earshot of others.
   This episode enjoys a most elaborate plan, which will eventually culminate in a “purge” of The Village. To rid the community of malcontents, which Number 6 happens to be top of the list. Would Number 6 be part of that “purge,” it would seem highly unlikely, seeing what importance pervious certain Number 2’s had placed on Number 6. And the case can be argued why bother with such an elaborate plan in the first place? Why not just “purge” The Village of its malcontents, who would know, save the residents? The Village administration is more totalitarian than democratic. So why the need for an over elaborate plan, why not just execute the senior Number 2, why not just carry out a purge of The Village anyway?
    There would be another result of such a “purge,” it would effectively control the population growth in The Village! Yes there would be outrage. Perhaps the people would be stirred into open rebellion. And the generally successful policy of confining its inmates with comfort would be disrupted for a time. Until The Village and its community settled down once more.

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